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Monday, April 22, 2024

La Plata Fairgrounds
8 A . M . - 5 : 3 0 P . M.

Computers, phones, cables, batteries, printers, monitors*, TVs*, VCRs, stereos, old appliances, RC toys, fax machines, video cameras...almost anything with a battery or cord.


Please no large appliances, projection TVs or lightbulbs.


1 to 4 items - $20
5 to 10 items - $50
Big items/TVs - $30
Over 32" - $30
Trunk load or bed of truck - $100+

*CRT TV and CRT Monitors:

  • up to 19" - $50

  • 20" to 32" - $90

  • anything over 32" - $150

Cash preferred
Check and Venmo accepted


HIPPA compliant

Tax deductible

All proceeds benefit Durango Montessori School. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit school that relies on fundraising to provide scholarships and unique programming at our school. 


Electronics Recycling Event

Durango Montessori is again hosting this Annual Community Event!

We have run this event since May 2018!  

Did you know:


  • This year, 5.3 billion mobile phones were thrown away in 2022 according to the International waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) forum

  • Electronic waste only takes up 2% of our landfills but accounts for 70% of our total toxic waste production. Despite these alarming numbers, only about 20% of the e-waste produced each year is recycled. The United States is the biggest producer of e-waste. Every year, US residents and businesses discard approximately 100 million cell phones, over 41 million computers, and over 20 million TV sets by throwing them into landfills when they become broken or outdated. - United Electronic Recycling

The Electronics Recycling Event allows us to educate the public and our students about the importance of recycling and specifically electronics. Additionally, this fundraiser will specifically benefit our Learn to Farm and Homestead at James Ranch Education Program for 40 students to get hands-on/outdoor experience!

Thank you to our Sponsors

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The Otter Family
Heather, Steve and Mack

dignity care.webp

Spring Fling Art Auction

May 3rd, 2024

EsoTerra Ciderworks



The Durango Montessori Spring Fling Art Auction is a celebration of each student’s perseverance, creativity, and individuality through personalized works of art.


This event is a fundraiser for our school.

This year 3 collaborative pieces of art will be up for auction,


plus each student will have an

individual piece of art to take home (donations are appreciated).



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