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Outdoor Education is at the Heart of What We Do

Outdoor education and free play not only support emotional, behavioral, and intellectual development but improves academic performance and overall brain health. Through our Montessori lens we see our outdoor environment as an extension of the classroom. Durango Montessori School has been truly fortunate to partner with Colvig Silver Camps to help instill not only as sense of adventure and recapture wonder for our students, but to inspire them be good stewards of not only our planet but this miraculous place we call home. Students can often be seen reading on the lawn to their “buddies” from EC or kicking the soccer ball around with Coach Amanda. Student are given the opportunity to dig deep to crest the last hill of the trail or take in a new plant or creature during nature studies. They will learn coordination and determination during Nordic skiing and have fun while doing it. Time spent outside is an invitation to learn and one Durango Montessori returns to again and again. 

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